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Humanist Services

Published: July 18, 2022
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There are many different kinds of funerary services to offer a loved one. Most people have not heard of humanist services, however. They can be a good choice for many families, so it is important to learn a bit about them to decide if they are right for your loved one. If you are not sure why the humanist services or if you want to know more, here are the things that directors of funeral homes in Concord, OH want you to know.

A humanist service is a service that does not have any religious elements to it. If your loved one was not someone who was part of a particular religion or who was not someone who had faith, it can be a good idea to offer this kind of service. You could still offer them music and readings that follow a traditional service, but just avoid anything that has religious overtones to it.

The tribute is the centerpiece of the humanist service. The tribute is a kind of eulogy that the celebrant gives which showcases who the person was and what they meant to those who loved them. The celebrant will meet with you to closely plan the tribute that you want to offer your loved one. You want to include anecdotes and memories you may have with the person so that people really get a sense of who they were.

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A humanist service should not happen at a place of worship. You can choose to have it at a funeral home or anywhere else that meant something to your loved one. Some people choose to have it outdoors, while others prefer to have it at home or even in a hotel. It is important to consider the options that your loved ones would have chosen for themselves so that you can offer them exactly what they would have wanted.

The person who leads the humanist service is the celebrant. The celebrant will offer the tribute and will otherwise plan the service play for your loved one. The first thing that you want to do is to meet with the celebrant that you have chosen so that you can let them know exactly what kind of service you want to have and what you want to include. Choosing the right celebrant is important, so look for someone who has experience and training. If you are not sure how to choose a celebrant, reach out to the funeral director you have chosen to work with for some recommendations.

These are all important things to consider when planning a humanist service for a loved one. It can be the best choice for many families so it is something that you want to keep in mind. You can learn more about humanist services or about other types of services by reaching out to a Concord, OH funeral home like us. Our team is here to answer all of the questions you may have and to ensure that the service you choose for your loved one is the right one. Call us today or stop by one of our locations to speak with our experts about this and more.

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