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How Can Pre-planning Funeral and Cremation in Mentor, OH Help My Family and Me?

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When someone dies, their family needs to make funeral arrangements. These plans are special and personal. But we also know well that every family is different. That is why we offer a variety of funeral-related services to meet your needs. Spear-Mulqueeny Funeral Homes has been serving the community in Mentor, OH, for over 80 years now. We have a wide selection of caskets, vaults, and urns for your loved one.

At Spear-Mulqueeny Funeral Homes, we strive for excellence in all that we do. Our team is dedicated to helping people through their grief. We provide high-quality services in a timely, sensitive, and cost-effective way. Call us at 440-357-7514.

You may or may not have thought of taking action with pre-arrangement of services for funeral and cremation in Mentor, OH. There are some great reasons to consider this course. For one thing, it is a wonderfully thoughtful way to support your family when you pass away. In addition to making these plans, you can also lock in the prices of final services by paying for them at today’s rates. Something is empowering about taking action when we feel ready to do so.

There is peace of mind when we take care of setting final affairs in order with things like necessary life insurance policies or leaving legal instructions for your estate in a will. Prearranged deathcare services can also take something of nagging worry off of you. It may also give your family the same sense of relief. This discussion could naturally arise when advancing age manifests or if a terminal diagnosis has been given. However, there is no requirement that the death is upcoming to retain pre-arrangement services.

What Can Be Designated Ahead of Time for Funeral and Cremation in Mentor, OH?

Here is your opportunity to plan what you would like surrounding topics like funeral and cremation in Mentor, OH. Though not every detail can or necessarily ought to be hammered out right now, many things can be thought through by you. After all, who knows what you would like better than yourself?

Select High-Resolution Images: Pictures can add so much to the final arrangements of someone who has died. Will your loved ones select the same picture you would choose for yourself? If you begin to look for this photograph and realize you don’t have one you are happy with, consider taking an updated shot. It need not be taken in a fancy studio, but a high-resolution image will be beneficial.

Create an Outline of Important Dates and Places: It cannot be overemphasized—you know yourself better than anyone. Making a list of the notable dates and places that have been important in your life can be extremely helpful to those who are tasked with writing your obituary or life remembrance sketch. If you don’t feel that you can write a polished article, essay, or story, don’t worry. Just having this information collected in one place will be so appreciated.

Body Preparation and Disposition: Have you ever thought about if you would prefer to be buried in a casket or cremated? Now is the time to learn more about these options and decide if you have an opinion on the matter. There are many solutions, some very different than others in ways that the final remains can be cared for. If you are looking for more natural solutions, research those and talk with your family to be sure they understand why this feels important to you.

Many families choose to purchase burial plots as a grouping so that you will all be located near one another when the time comes. Of course, this is optional, but it can give peace of mind to those who have survived the loss. If a scattering of cremated ashes is more suited to your desires, get the specifics into writing so that your closest relations can have the opportunity to lay you to rest in a manner that is pleasing to you.

Possible Ways You Would Like to Be Remembered and Honored: Celebration of Life services are a fantastic way to frame honoring events and ceremonies. Services styled this way are designed to honor the life, legacy, and sometimes the passions of the person who has lived. Funerals are held with the deceased remains in attendance (usually in a casket). The body can be displayed publicly or not for funeral events. Memorial services are just the opposite—these services are held without the corpse in attendance.

Remember that the honoring services can be an enormous support to those who have survived your passing, so giving your family room to have this opportunity for closure is a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Services do not need to be elaborate to have this effect. Events can be held in various locations with large gatherings or very intimate guest lists.

Think of Who Needs to Be Contacted: Making lists of people you think would be interested in knowing about your passing in a timely fashion will be another way to help your next of kin with your final arrangements. Email contact information is an excellent avenue for the family to get the word out effectively and efficiently if your friends or colleagues utilize that communication platform.

Make Plans from Home via Our Website or Call for an Appointment

For future needs with funeral and cremation in Mentor, OH, consider pre-arrangement services. You can get started with the simple form at the website for Spear-Mulqueeny Funeral Homes or call our offices during regular business hours to secure an appointment. 

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

  • Who can Make Decisions when Death Occurs in Mentor, OH?
    When a death occurs, the person's next of kin can make decisions about what to do with the body. If the family doesn’t know what steps to take, they can hire a funeral director or contact the funeral home. The funeral home will also have a reliable staff who can help with these decisions.

  • What are the Common Steps in a Funeral?
    The steps in a funeral will depend on the culture, religion, and family traditions of the deceased and their loved ones. However, most funerals generally include pre-planning and arrangements, gathering and preparing the body, burial or cremation, and lastly the memorial service or gathering.

  • What are the Common Mistakes that Happens During a Funeral?
    The most common mistake that people make during a funeral is not being prepared. This can lead to a lot of problems, including forgetting important details, not having enough money to cover the costs, and not being able to properly grieve. funerals are often rushed and people are not given the time they need to properly prepare. This can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress and heartache. When making a decision about your funeral service, it is important to stay calm and take note of these factors.

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