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Peace of Mind with Preplanning Funeral and Cremation in Painesville, OH

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We at Spear-Mulqueeny Funeral Homes in Painesville, OH, understand how sad it is to lose a loved one. We can make funeral arrangements simple and less overwhelming for you. For over 80 years, we have been offering cremations and funeral services to many families. We also have perfect options of caskets, vaults, and urns to choose from for your loved one.

Let us assist you with every step of the process. We will work with you to create a service that celebrates your loved one’s life and departure in a way they would have wanted. We want to make sure their memory lives on in your heart forever. Give us a call at 440-357-7514.

A little preparation can do a great deal in bringing peace of mind to most of us. Many clients report this benefit when they set prearrangement services for funeral and cremation in Painesville, OH, with Spear-Mulqueeny Funeral Homes. These final needs do not need to be defined by those who are deeply shocked or reeling with grief. Even the basics of these plans can be set up many years in advance. A natural time to think of preplanning could be if death is upcoming as aging occurs or a terminal illness has been diagnosed. However, it can be created for healthy individuals in the prime of life too.

The preplanned services become a thoughtful parting gift that you can offer your closest relations. It can bring a sense of relief to the bereaved to know that they are able to honor you in death in a way that you would approve of. Instead of wondering what you would have wanted, they will know. Sometimes, people are tempted to skip a funerary service when making these plans. However, leaving space for your loved ones to have the closure of an honoring event is a great kindness.

Things that Can be Planned Ahead for Funeral and Cremation in Painesville, OH

Though many of the details for final arrangements will need to wait until the time the need is close at hand, many things can be put into place now. Remember that you can always go back and revisit your plans for prearrangement services to update your preferences and make changes as needed. Here are a few places you can begin:

The Obituary and Stationary Photograph: Having a high-quality photo of the deceased is an essential piece of final arrangements for most families. This is something you can choose right now. It can be updated later if you find something that you like better in the future. Sometimes people start looking for this photo and realize they don’t have one they would prefer. If that, is you, add a photoshoot to your to-do list. Remember, the picture doesn’t need to be a formal studio portrait. A high-resolution option that you feel represents you will be perfect.

Organize the Key Life Details: There are dates, events, and places that are important to the story of your life that you know off the top of your head. However, even your close relations may not have these details easily accessible. Getting a list of places, you have lived throughout your life and other prominent milestones in a cohesive list will be a great starting place for those asked to draft your obituary. These details can also help the eulogist write a sketch of your life that may be shared at your funerary events.

Decide Your Preferred Methods of Body Preparation and Disposition: Do you know what a funeral and cremation in Painesville, OH entails? Understanding the distinctions between available preparation and disposition options can help you decide what will be best for you. Cremation cares for the deceased remains through burning the body in a closed furnace chamber. A small collection of ashen remains is the result of cremation. These can be buried, scattered, or kept in a displayable urn.

A funeral is an event or series of connected events that allows the deceased to be honored before they are laid to rest. Burial often follows a funeral service, but a cremation could also be performed after funeral events are complete. Memorial services are more flexible in timing and location since they do not require the deceased remains to be in attendance. A Celebration of Life service can be arranged in a funeral or memorial format. In this service, the departed individual is remembered for their contributions, passions, and legacy.

Friends and Acquaintances Who Should Be Invited: A contact list is another thing you can work on well in advance of the time your final arrangements will happen. These are people that you would like to have notified when you pass away. It is a good idea for this to be a living document that you update periodically. Email addresses will be a convenient way for your relations to send these communications but record the contact information you have and expect it to be most reliable

Set Your Plans Online or Work with Our Experts Via Appointment

As you begin thinking about what matters most to you regarding funeral and cremation in Painesville, OH, you can probably see that making even a few decisions will be an immense support to your closest relatives when the time comes. If you’d like to work on these plans in the privacy and comfort of your own home, you may opt to get started with the online preplanning tool at our website. However, if an in-person appointment would better serve your needs, please call us at Spear-Mulqueeny Funeral Homes to get that set.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

  • Can You Attend Funerals when You are Pregnant?
    No, funerals are not typically recommended for pregnant women, as the stress of the occasion could potentially be harmful to their health and the health of their baby. Funerals can be very emotional and stressful experiences so it would be best to avoid them during pregnancy. If you have more questions, you can visit our FAQs page.

  • When Do Funerals Happen After Death?
    The funeral usually happens within a few days of the death, although this can vary depending on the circumstances. If the body is being cremated, the funeral may happen before the cremation takes place. Some people prefer to have a few days of wake while others prefer as soon as possible. The main purpose of a funeral is to give friends and family a chance to say goodbye to the deceased and to offer support to those who are grieving.

  • Can Funerals Be Delayed in Painesville, OH?
    Yes, there is no law that states that a funeral must take place immediately after a person dies (but it needs to go through embalming). Funerals can be delayed (up to 2 weeks) for any reason, including if the family needs time to make arrangements or if they want to wait for all of the deceased's family and friends to arrive from out of town.

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